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Meet Leda, my wife...

Leda has always been interested in art – ever since her high school art class. After that first class, she was hooked on anything dealing with art. Over the years, art books, art workshops and classes, as well as numerous art shows on TV and a few You Tube videos have helped in encouraging the creative juices. Attending art shows of other aspiring artists as well as those with established records of art success has always been one of her favorite activities. As a member of the Lilburn Arts Alliance, she has been able to rub shoulders with those who use various mediums. These opportunities to talk with local artists has given her more confidence to try new ideas. Additionally, her wonderful husband has also been a strong support in her life as a budding artist.

Although she has dabbled in different mediums, she feels that watercolor is her favorite choice of expression.

When not painting, she enjoys crocheting, knitting and weaving.

By the end of 2018, Leda’s first book containing her illustrations, along with her husband’s poetry, will be published.

See if you can spot Leda's art work in my books.

Leda's Drawings

Mike's Keel

Mother Rabbit

Mother Rabbit

The Alley Way





Leeks and Beets