Santa Mike

Santa Mike and Leda Claus

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Look for times in the late Fall 2020!

Where can we see Mr. and Mrs. Claus?

2020 Public Appearances (Coming late Fall)


If you would like to see if Santa Mike and Leda Claus are available for your event in the Atlanta/Gwinnett area, call 225-315-0851.

Meet Santa Mike and Leda Claus

Meet Santa Mike and Leda Claus. During the year they pretend to be Mike and Leda Owens, but in the late Fall they reveal their true identity as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Even when they are pretending to be regular people, the children always know who they really are.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus make special appearances starting in November and up until Christmas Day. They have visited preschool classes, parties, private visits and even been in the Lilburn Parade.

Santa Mike and Leda Claus are suprised at the cookies on the tray.

More About Santa Mike

Santa Mike is an instructor at the Northern Lights Santa Academy. He has a special heart for deaf and hearing-impaired children.