Lighting Art Work for Best Photographs


At a meeting of the Lilburn Art Alliance, the guest was photographer Brian Bean. He demonstrated techniques on how to photograph our art work.  He instructed us on some of the features of the camera to make quality photographs of our art. I have had trouble with lighting my art work to photograph my paintings.  He showed us how to place the painting and the camera with a slight tilt to obtain the best shot.  The camera needs to be placed at the focal point and the lighting needs to be evenly placed on both sides to reduce the amount of glare.  The lighting doesn’t have to be expensive.  He showed us several alternatives to avoid spending a lot on lighting. He had some LED flashlights and the utility clamp lighting with parchment paper across the light to soften the light. These can be purchased at the local hardware store.  The type of lighting is just as important as the even amount of light.  The bulbs should be the same on both sides. The smallest amount of extra light in the room can change the overall effect of your lighted painting.


I have enjoyed and learned a lot from being apart of this group of artists.  Over the past year I have participated in several of the workshops. I am planning to be more involved in the coming year.  It sounds like they are planning some interesting workshops and events I want to be apart of.  I especially enjoyed the Dragon Drawing workshop I attended last year.  I drew a dragon for my grandson’s birthday gift that impressed him.


I was so surprised when I found out last year that there was a Lilburn Art Alliance.  I was so excited to attend and join this group.  I was a little intimidated at first because of the talent in this group.  They were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable.


I just retired last year and had been wanting to pursue my lifelong dream of spending more time in art.  My goal was to learn as much as I could to see what I could create. I am proud to be apart of this group of artists.


There is so many opportunities right here around me and now that I have more time, I am planning to devote more to my love of art.