Mike and Leda Clause headshot with his gloved hand on her shoulder

Home Visits Equal Christmas Fun

Home Christmas Parties are great fun for family and friends. Gathering together for the holidays is a special time for children and adults alike. Remembering to invite Santa to your next Christmas Party with your family and friends makes such an event spectacular.  Not only is it a great photo opportunity to have the various individuals gather around Santa by family, by cousins,  by grandparents and grandkids,  or by any combination you could ever consider, but it can be a very special time for Santa to greet the smaller members of the family and friends group.  Greeting and telling Santa what they want for Christmas can be one of the best photo ops of the season.


Santa can also be available for those children who are home bound and cannot get out to visit a Santa in a mall or other public setting.


Santa may lead the group in singing Christmas carols, or read Christmas stories or past out presents, depending on the time allotted and needs of each home. Often Mrs. Claus is able to make an appearance, which adds to the festive nature of the visit.


So the next time you plan a happy gala for the Christmas holidays, remember to invite Santa to make the event even more dazzling and wonderful!