Books I Am Working On Now

I have several projects I am presenting working on as new books.

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

This is a rewrite of a play I wrote for a school I was employed
at in 1974. It is a musical with more than seven original songs. It’s awaiting a
remix of the songs and artwork for the new narrative. There may be a CD
accompaniment of the music. Anticipated release Summer 2024

Harold Has Hats

Written in poetry, Harold acts out his fantasies using different hats (approximately 30 different hats). The stories of each hat end up with Harold getting into trouble. Harold is waiting for the art bin. Waiting for artwork. Anticipated release Fall 2024

Off Season Santa Visits the World

How does Santa hide himself, checking onchildren around the world when it’s not Christmas eve? He replaces his iconic redand white hat with a hat that represents each country he travels to. And how do you say “Santa” and “Merry Christmas” in that country’s language? It is all photographs of Santa and his hats while on his travels around the world, visiting iconic structures as he goes. Anticipated release Fall 2024

Book and Trade Magazine Reviews

Check the monthly newsletter for different
reviews I have given on books and magazines about writing, publishing, marketing
and promoting our work as authors. Some are very positive and worthwhile while
others aren’t worth the paper they are written on. Monthly in 2024