Get Your "Veggie" Book  from Amazon!

Get Your "Veggie" Book from Amazon!


“The Book” is now on Amazon, ready for pre-orders! Yes, you can get your pre-ordered copy of “I Hate Vegetables Book of Poetry for Kids” as a print version or an e-book. The release date is March 1, 2019. Please order your copy NOW! And when you do, PLEASE, PLEASE write a review. We appreciate you buying either version of the book, yes we do. However, every review is important as it helps promote our book with better ratings through Amazon. Just go to Amazon and type in the book title or type in Michael E. Owens. You will get to the author page and just follow the ordering instructions. Leda and I feel we have an exceptional book and want to share it with our family and friends. Thanks to all you have purchased our book in the past and to all of you who have been wanting for the Amazon release.

Mike and Leda Owens

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