Finicky Young Eaters

Finicky Young Eaters

How to Get Toddlers to Try Those Veggies

In with the new, but keep the old.

If your finicky eater has latched onto a favorite food or foods, try adding that new veggie (or the veggie they have already rejected) with his or her well-known favorites. He may feel more comfortable if there are other ‘liked’ foods on the same plate. If he still rejects the new offering, he will still have something on the plate to eat. But don’t give up. Over time he may become so accustomed with the veggie appearing on his plate, he may eat it if only out of sheer familiarity with it.

Start with little bites, always little bites.

Introduced to a new item and seeing a huge portion of it on the plate can be very intimidating and a little bit overwhelming; and may be rejected outright. Start with a very tiny portion and increase the helping if he likes it.

Pressure, pressure never works very well.

Drawing a line in the sand will rarely make mom the winner. Putting up a fight to avoid a new food, will only reinforce the child’s resistance the next time he is offered that food. Never pressure and wait for another day.

If Mama likes it, maybe it’s not so bad after all.

If your toddler sees you enjoying the food, he may be likely to try it as well. Enthusiasm is the word of the day. Smack those lips, take several bites and “m-m- m-m- m-m” all the way home.

Never give up.

There is always hope. If may take a dozen to two dozen times before you see success. And by all means, never let that youngster hear you say over the phone or to the neighbor, “He hates vegetables;” because he will. And it may stick with him for a long, long time. If anything, let him hear you say, “I’m so proud of that boy! He just loves eating all those veggies.” Use the power of positive thinking to your advantage. It will pay off.